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Prepare Your Home to Sell at the Open House to Attract Serious Offers

If you are having trouble selling your house and your real estate agent has scheduled an open house, this is your chance to make the best of the situation and attract some serious offers. The thing that you have to remember is that you are going to have a captive audience in your house that will feel no pressure to walk around and really kick the tires to see if this might be the house they want to purchase. Staging your home the right way could make all the difference in getting offers or just having neighbors spending time snooping in your house.

Charleston Real EstateThe Charleston real estate professionals over at Premier One show how you prepare your home to sell to garner results at the open house.

The majority of people who found your house online or in a realtor magazine are going to drive by the house to get a sneak peek of the neighborhood and property. If the exterior of the house and property is a mess, these potential buyers keep driving right on by. It is extremely important that you work on the exterior, so call in a local landscaping crew to set the stage.

Now when people arrive for the open house, they will be in love with the exterior and be dying to see the rest. To knock them off their feet, you have to present the interior so it shows like a model house. To do this, all the clutter must be boxed and moved to a storage facility. If these items are going to be boxed in time, now is when you want to get a jump on things.

The rooms should all be bright and airy, so on open house day, make all the curtains are pulled back and that you can see outside. If the windows are filthy, now is the time to clean them so the buyers can see the yard and all angles of the exterior.

Closets are going to be walked in, so give the buyers the appearance that there is more than enough room. To do this, box up things you won’t be wearing for the next six months. The less in the closets, the roomier they look and the easier for a potential buyer to imagine themselves filling that space with their stuff.

Now that you have a list of things to work on before the open house, start chunking down the list one at a time and you will see that by the time the open house arrives, offers will come pouring in.